Dani Carvajal Challenges Real Madrid Seize Position Two
Infobola.online – Dani Carvajal challenged the Real Madrid team to get up and win the position of second Spanish League. Atletico Madrid are clearly the competitors they need to conquer. Dani Carvajal Challenges Real Madrid Seize Position Two

Dani Carvajal was not influenced by the 1-1 draw match against Leganes. He wants the team back unbeaten for all the remaining Spanish League matches. He wants the team to finish second in the season.
"Now we are in the position of not feeling great anymore, including time to see all the opportunities we have just produced (against Leganes). It feels like it doesn't win a silver plate this season, "opened Carvajal.
"But there still must be no pressure. We have all grown up and we must always work hard. Who still wants to survive next season, they must show themselves and actively help the team struggle. "
"We have tried to get out of trouble, enjoy our game, even though we were not happy with the results of the match just now. Just now we didn't mean to win and finally it was enough to feel bitter. "

"Now we don't need to think about finding a trophy, but every time I am played, I always try to enjoy the time that is there because of my profession and what I have loved until now."
"The club is demanding good results and the team will be asked if they don't have a good year. It's not something we want, but we have to keep fighting it. We are clear that now we have to win as much as possible and secure second place this season, "he said.

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